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May 05, 2019 | Bob Switzer

Jesus' Perception Of The Father

Pastor Bob Switzer takes a look at two parables from Luke 11 & 18: the persistent friend and the persistent widow. When it comes to communication, the way you see someone really impacts what you say to them. Jesus knows His Father has been perceived as the neighbor that won't open his door, but He is not that. He is never surprised by your arrival or your requests. Jesus is changing the concept of how people perceive God because they often perceive Him as wrathful and angry. Jesus is saying that He listens and hears you, you don't have to beg or "bang on the door;" He is a gentle and loving Father. Just because God hasn't seemed to answer your prayers, don't flip that on His character and make Him a wrathful and unjust God, cause He is good and He does come through.

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