Healing Rooms

Welcome to Faith Worship Center Healing Rooms. This is a time of ministry where we partner with the Holy Spirit to see life and healing released into those who are in pain or suffering from physical illness. 

Healing Rooms take place every 1st Saturday of each month from 10am-12noon

Please visit our calendar to view our next scheduled date.


Commonly asked questions:

What is normally prayed for at Healing Rooms?
If you are sick or in pain and in need of a physical healing or miracle then please consider checking out Healing Rooms. If you are interested in emotional healing or deliverance please look into our Sozo and Deliverance ministries.

Is there a fee for Healing Rooms?
There is no fee to receive prayer at Healing Rooms.

Do I need to make an appointment?
No appointment is required as long as you are able to come between the hours of 10-12. There may be a short wait before a team can pray with you but usually there is very little to no wait time.

Do I have to attend Faith Worship Center in order to attend Healing Rooms?
Healing Rooms at FWC is open to all the public who are in need of physical healing.

What can I do after I am prayed for?
The sanctuary is open to all receiving prayer for further personal prayer and soaking time. There is no rush to leave God’s presence after you have received prayer so stick around and continue to receive.

Will my personal information or testimony be shared?
All healing room sessions are confidential. If you experience healing and are willing to have your testimony shared socially there is a place on the sign in sheet that you can indicate permission for us to do so.