Leadership & Staff

Daryl & Lin Nicolet

Senior Pastors

Daryl and Lin Nicolet are the founders and Senior Leaders of Faith Worship Center in Pepperell, MA, since 1988.  The message they live is of love, hope, and equipping people to worship God in Spirit and in truth.   They walk in faith, and teach others to lean upon God’s grace in releasing the power of His Kingdom with signs and wonders following, thus multiple healings occur wherever they go. They believe that the purpose of the Gospel, is for the transformation of people, who when transformed, will change the culture in which they live, by being an extension of God’s love in the earth.  They have lived this way and have seen fruitful results in their congregation as well as others places they have visited. Daryl and Lin are blessed with four children and seven grandchildren and love all the life that comes from their frequent family gatherings.


Bob & Lore Switzer

 Family Life Pastors

Bob and Lore have been in ministry since 1983.  Their core conviction is: “relationships transform lives.” The most transformational relationship one can have is with God. They have a strong passion to build community and foster relationships that will help sustain the revival they see all around them.  They promote and live in a culture of honor and honesty.

Bob & Lore’s ministry is marked by the pursuit of the transformational nature of God’s presence and the healing effect of understanding the identity and destiny of each child of God. They have been married since 1986, and raised four children who are lovers of Jesus and are ministering throughout the country. They are rocking their new role as grandparents, and enjoy any moments they can spend with their two grandchildren.  They love to meet new people, so come on by and tell them your story.


Stephen & Kayla Switzer

 Youth Group Leaders

Stephen and Kayla Switzer met at Davis College where they both received valuable training in Biblical studies. They were married in 2013 and have three wonderful children.  They started serving at FWC as the Youth Pastors in 2015, and completed first year at Faith School of Supernatural Ministry to grow in their faith and become better revivalists.

They have been involved in ministry since their early high school years, and have had the privilege of expanding their worldview and sharing the love of Christ through various missions trips to Central and South America. They enjoy spending time with family, exploring creation, and ministering to people along life’s journey.

Stephen and Kayla have a heart for youth and a passion to call out the greatness in them. They desire to raise up a strong and powerful generation with a restored purity, identity, and hunger for God.

Michael LeBaron

Worship Team Lead

Michael LeBaron has been leading and building worship teams since 2009.  He and his beautiful wife Marie have been married since 2005 and are parents to four incredible world-changing boys.  Micheal an anointed worship leader, talented musician, and integrous leader and person. 



Sarina Heroy

 Event Coordinator & Worship Team Administrator

Sarina Heroy is a New England native who originally hales from Vermont, and moved to Southern New Hampshire in the Spring of 2012 to be a part of Faith Worship Center. She has a burning desire to see New England awaken to the fact that it is already a in revival. She is passionate about seeing all generations realize who they truly are in Christ.

Sarina has been married to her husband Dan since August of 2010, and in 2017 they got to become parents their wildly wonderful daughter Nova and then in 2019 came their second amazing daughter Jun.  Both Sarina and Dan graduated Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) in Redding, CA in 2011, additionally Sarina attended Bethel School of Supernatural Worship in 2009. 

Christine DiPilato