A family ministry at FWC



At Faith Worship Center, we believe that families rooted in Kingdom principles are a key element to fulfilling our greatest desire to see Heaven on Earth. We desire parents and children to have healthy relationships and an active awareness of God’s presence in our everyday interactions and life together. The Relay Zone is a place where children and adults come together to connect, encourage and support each other, and practice what it means to be supernatural children of God. 


In the RELAY ZONE we re-lay and reinforce the foundations of Kingdom family and connection. 


We RELAY the message of Heaven to Earth by practicing our listening and communication through group activations and activities. 


We recognize that, as in a RELAY RACE, we have a period of time in which we can pass on a baton to our children: the RELAY ZONE. We can share the awareness of, and value for, God’s presence, and we bring an expectation of God’s interaction home with us to effect our daily lives together and in our world.



Meeting time: 11AM in the Function Hall


Parents can expect to connect with other adults, be encouraged, and to learn and coach their children through this experience. Children can expect to have fun and gain a deeper understanding of God.


Our activities will vary. A typical schedule will include testimonies, a guided lesson, activations, activities, fellowship, and play!



We welcome parents to utilize our “Littles” area in the back of the room whenever needed throughout our time together. A changing station, seating, and toys are provided. Parents can also use the Parents' Room which houses a changing station, private area for nursing, and cribs for your use. 




A culture of grace…

His grace is more than sufficient, and kingdom living takes practice, practice, practice! Kids, as well as parents, need lots of grace to keep trying. It’s not about getting things perfectly right; it’s about going for it and finding our God-given ability to live in full expression.

A culture of play…

Heaven is fun! Learning about living in heaven on earth everyday should be fun. There may be times of stretching and flexing into something new that might feel uncomfortable, but the adventures that await us are designed by a creative Father to be fun.

A culture of His present presence…

God is with us always. He never leaves us, and He doesn’t just hang out with us on Sunday mornings in the sanctuary. We aim to help families awaken to this reality that He’s been with us the whole time and is ever present in the moments of our everyday lives. 

A culture where the supernatural is natural…

God is the God of miracles and suddenly moments. He is the God that sovereignly holds everyone and everything together. God has commissioned each one of us to have faith to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out evil... AND He has also called us to recognize His fingerprints in the seemingly ordinary. There is as much glory in changing your baby’s diaper or driving your kids to another practice as there is in a sacred moment of worship because of our constant connection with His Spirit.  

A culture of reinforcement… 

Parenting is hard! But we are not meant to do this alone; we need each other! We believe we were made for family and community and so we express that through support for and from each other. 

We hope you will join us in the Relay Zone and that you will experience the deep power of connecting in his presence!

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RELAY Zone Coordinator:

Missy Beaulieu has been a part of the FWC family since 2016 with her husband Malcolm and two young sons, Judah and Ryan. Missy has been in ministry for over 25 years with music and children. She also attended Faith School of Supernatural Ministry for two years. She delights in creating places that make people feel safe and loved.