Prophetic Ministry

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Prophetic Ministry

Prophecy is a gift from the Holy Spirit for the strengthening, encouragement, and building up of the body of Christ and to convey the heart of the Father to His sons and daughters. The foundation for prophetic ministry is the cultivation of deep intimacy with God, where we learn to rest and hear His voice, learn His language and the way He communicates with us, both for ourselves and others. The heart of prophetic ministry is to reflect the Father’s love so that others will have an encounter with Him and be transformed by His love. As we learn together to hear His heart and voice, a prophetic culture will grow, where building up one another in this way becomes a natural expression of kingdom life.

Ministry Appointments

You are invited to receive a word from our prophetic ministry team. Prophetic ministry appointments are available on the 4th Sunday of each month and take place after service. 

In person prophetic ministry is available on a first come, first serve basis and is limited to 4 people per month.  After service, please form a line outside of the ministry rooms. 

Please note: We can only accommodate a prophetic ministry appointment for each person every 90 days.

Ministry Team and Training

The prophetic team includes several men and women and is growing. Through regular teaching, training and group practice, we are building a community of a people desirous to convey His heart to others. We also desire to network with other prophetic ministries in the region.

Ministry Settings

Our desire is not only to minister within the church, but to also allow God to use us in other settings, whether in the market place, work, or with the poor and needy.