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May 31, 2020 | Daryl Nicolet

Faith, Grace & Suddenlies

Pastor Daryl Nicolet speaks on how no flesh will be justified by the "shoulds" or the "shouldn'ts." God doesn't govern my law, He governs by relationship and love. Love does not keep a record of wrongs. Faith understands that we have been justified by what Jesus has done, not by our efforts. God is a good sin eraser - we are the ones that keep reminding Him of what He's already erased. Our spiritual DNA is tied to the Last Adam, who is Christ, and no longer tied to the first Adam. It's a matter of walking in trust and relationship with God - He's made us right, we just have to trust He's done that - it just takes the size of the mustard seed of faith. May times we treat faith like its a formula and that God is the scientist behind it making the formula - but it is by grace He has given us it all!

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Sunday Service sermons at Faith Worship Center from 2020.