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Aug 23, 2020 | Bob Switzer

Confronting With Honor

Pastor Bob Switzer speaks on how honor would handle conflict in a society with lots of opportunity for conflict. Honor is always delivered with love. In order to confront well you need to have a relationship with the person - you are not going to be able to confront honorably if you have not place to be speaking into their life. Honor listens to try and gain understanding - there is a difference between listening to understand than waiting till the other person is finished. Often conflict with start because people will assign labels - honor does not place labels on people because it shuts down communication. Honor invites repentance - a changing of the mind; honor in conflict with raise people’s perspectives to be raised higher, but it doesn’t demand results. Honor in conflict is a life giving opportunity and it only takes practice to do it.

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Sunday Service sermons at Faith Worship Center from 2020.