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Jul 19, 2020 | Lore Switzer

Committed To Growth

Pastor Lore Switzer speaks on some current questions in her heart and mind: how do I witness to the "ends of the earth"? How is the Kingdom of Heaven near - isn't it some place out there? And if Christ is in me, how do I make room for Him? How does Christ live in me?  Christ is the anointing that is in you, the hope of glory - where Heaven and earth meet, that is what you witness and observe. What if the invitation is to get really good to paying attention to that inner voice of guidance - and the voice sounds different for each of us. We have two systems of governance or sources of energy represented in the garden of Eden - one represented in the Tree of Life and other in the Tree of Separation. Your ability to choose is your number one superpower - without this power of choice there would be no freedom. 

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Sunday Service sermons at Faith Worship Center from 2020.