Guest Speaker: Rudi @ Carmen Louw

Sunday, March 31, 2019, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: Faith Worship Center, 2 Lomar Park, Pepperell, MA US 01463


Join us Sunday Mornings at 10am for our Sunday Morning Worship Celebration.  This morning we are delighted to welcome our guest speakers, Rudi & Carmen Louw.


About Rudi & Carmen Louw:

Rudi & Carmen Louw named their ministry: Living Word International because they love to travel and minister both locally and internationally. Rudi was born and raised in the country of South Africa while Carmen grew up in Cortland, New York, but they currently live in Greenville, South Carolina. They function in the ministry of reconciliation (2Corinthians 5:18-21) and flow strongly with the Holy Spirit and His anointing to teach, preach, prophesy, heal and whatever is needed to touch people’s lives with the reality of God’s love and power. God has given them keen insight into what He has to say to mankind in the work of redemption, concerning the revelation of, and restoration of, humanity’s true identity, and therefore they emphasize THE GOSPEL; IN CHRIST REALITIES; the GRACE of God; the WORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS and all such eternal truths essential to salvation and living of the CHRIST-LIFE They have been granted this wisdom and revelation into the knowledge of God by the Spirit of Truth; by the resurrected Spirit of Jesus Christ Himself, to establish and strengthen believers in THE FAITH OF GOD, and to activate them in ministering to others. Not only are people set free from the poison and bondage of sin, condemnation and all kinds of intimidation, (upheld, strengthened and reinforced by age old religious ideas born out of ignorance and deception,) but many are brought into a closer more intimate relationship with Father God, as Daddy, through accurate teaching, and unveiling of the gospel message, prophetic words, healings and miracles. Rudi & Carmen are closely knitted together with many other effective Christians, church fellowships, and groups of believers who share the same revelation and passion to impart the truth of the gospel to others, so as to impact and transform the world we live in with the LOVE and POWER of God.

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